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The World’s #1 Business Growth Event for Consultants, Executive Coaches, Experts & Small Business Owners Who Want Proven Frameworks to Skyrocket Their Business and Land Corporate Clients — Consistently!

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In Just 3.5 Days: Discover How Small Business Owners Are Achieving $500K to 8-Figures+ By Offering Their Expertise to Corporate Clients — All While Enjoying More Freedom, Fun & Impact In The World!

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Groove 2024 is The #1 Business Growth Event For Consultants, Executive Coaches, Experts & Small Business Owners Because It’s Built on Proven Expertise…

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Dear friend,

I’m not going to sugarcoat this one…

If you’re an expert, who’s currently relying on word of mouth & referrals, and you don’t know where your next client is going to come from… 

Then, I strongly suggest you read every word on this page…

Because right now, you’re in serious danger of being squeezed out of the market… for good. 

You see, studies have shown only 4% to 6% of experts will ever crack a 6-figure/yr. income from their business…

Not to mention… thousands of so-called “experts” are flooding into the market every single day…

Who are all competing for the same clients YOU are after. 

So, if you’re utilizing strategies that were built for the “online marketing” or B2C worlds hoping those will somehow attract serious B2B decision makers to you…

…Or your destiny rests on churning out content marketing on social media and then waiting powerlessly for clients to come to you…  

Then you’ll likely end up in the 96% of experts who will never achieve freedom & impact — and work tirelessly for the rest of your life…

… But that doesn’t have to be the case…

You too, can land corporate clients, proactively and consistently, by utilizing our BoldHaus proprietary strategies and turnkey systems…

Which is allowing our clients to land brands like:

And many, many more like them!

That is why…

We have decided to reveal all our strategies at our LIVE event on Nov 11th – 14th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida… called…

BoldHaus Groove 2024!!

That said — Groove is
NOT your typical small
business event…

There is no fluff. No hype.

It’s not a mash-up of unrelated breakout sessions. 

And Groove isn’t an endless parade of influencers, gurus, and/or “internet bros” promising to share their “big secrets” only to hit you up with yet another sales pitch.

All the glitz and glamor of those overhyped events is NO demonstration of legitimate, high-value information worth getting yourself into. 

And if you like attending those events… go right ahead ;-)… but then this event is not for you…

However, if you’re sick and tired of worrying about where your next client is going to come from, and instead…

You want to make it as predictable as possible, and immerse yourself for 3.5 days on a continuous discovery journey…

…Where the only goal is to teach you proven, timeless strategies which will help you land corporate and B2B clients…

So, you can:

… All while enjoying more freedom and, yes, having more fun…

Then BoldHaus Groove is most definitely FOR YOU!

By Using Our BoldHaus Proprietary Strategies & Turnkey Systems, Our Clients Are Securing Opportunities with the World’s Most Respected Brands Such As…

But Not Only Are Our Clients Using Our Systems to Sign On the Fortune 1000… and the Global 2000!!

Our Clients Are Also Landing Deals With ALL Types of Highly Respected Organizations in 114+ Countries Around the World, Including…


Well-Funded Technology Start-Ups




Local & State

Colleges &


And every other type of organization in between!

During Our 3.5-Day
Immersive Experience,
You Will Get The Chance To:

And So Much More!

Completely Transform Your Business (And Life) In Just 3.5 Days… Here’s What You Can Expect:

On Day 1, you’ll arrive in beautiful Fort Lauderdale and check into your hotel room. Our host hotel is the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, located on Fort Lauderdale’s iconic beach. And we’ve secured a phenomenal room rate for you.

We recommend arriving early so you can have some self-care time at the beach, pool, or spa. Take the opportunity to clear your head, set powerful intentions, and get fully present for the conference.

From there, swing by registration where our team will give you a warm welcome and provide you with your customized materials for the transformational journey ahead.

Next there’s time to grab dinner with other high-caliber business owners like you at one of the amazing oceanfront restaurants along the A1A.

Finally, finish off your day with an epic mix-and-mingle cocktail reception on the Westin’s Sky Terrace overlooking the beach.

This is your chance to network in style and build relationships with other highly conscious, driven change agents and small business CEOs like you!

Day 2: Business Clarity, Stages of Growth & Aligning Your Business to YOU

Day 2, is where your transformative journey truly begins.

We’ll start with your personalized Motivational Maps® assessment and discover the secret code to your inner motivators that FILL you with unlimited energy.

With your specific assessment results in hand…

We’ll show you how to design your business, implement strategies to grow and lead your business, and work WITH your inner motivators…

…so you can effortlessly get into action and STAY in action!

Next — we’ll show you how to avoid the biggest traps that slow you down, drain your energy, or can even cause your business to fail…

So, you can effortlessly grow your business month over month without having to deal with the roadblocks or eventually plateauing.

Plus, on Day 1, we’ll break down for you the 4 phases of building an expert-based boutique firm that serves corporate and B2B clients.

We’ll show you what to PRIORITIZE and focus on based on your current revenue range and where you want to go.

The more your business vibes with your natural inner spark — and focuses on the RIGHT priorities at the RIGHT time — the more you’ll be in your Groove!!

During Day 3, we will dive deep into helping you avoid the Pyramid of Bankruptcy™, which is the kiss of death for any expert business…

And instead hand you our proven business development system that has helped BoldHaus clients to double, triple and even 10x their business.

It all starts with powerful lead gen strategies DESIGNED specifically to attract corporate B2B clients and fill up your pipeline.

As well as significantly increase what you charge for your services AND keep those clients buying from you year after year.

Next, I will personally hand you our BoldHaus proven messaging formula that nails down what you do in a way that your dream clients will resonate with, understand the value you bring, as well as want to work with you immediately…

Once you have all the frameworks, strategies, and our proven messaging formula down…

I will share real-world case studies on how it all works, with clear breakthroughs you want to have. 

And to close it off, I will show you how you can accelerate this ENTIRE process by using A.I. tools..

Day 4: CEO Mindset, Sales Mastery & Strategic Action Plan

The last and final day of our event will start with the biggest game changer of all: CEO Mindset…

This will not only help you get primed to overcome resistance so you can get into immediate action for exponential growth (vs. small baby steps)…

…It will also help you take that action from a different, more powerful “come from,” including by leveraging Universal Laws.

Once you’ve upleveled your mindset, I will personally teach you the 5 types of “sales” conversations you NEED to master…

So, you can close deals confidently and consistently with corporate and other B2B organizations.

Along with how to have an elevated, high-integrity trusted advisor conversation where it doesn’t feel like you’re selling, because what you’re doing is serving from a highly conscious, mission-driven place.

And lastly before you leave… we’ll help you build out your next steps and strategic action plan so you can put your new momentum into motion.

Why Groove 2024 is the Only Event to Attend for Your Small Business in 2024

I want you to imagine…

Imagine surrounding yourself with other like-minded people who are on the same path as you… who are EAGER to share what’s worked for them. 

Imagine that proven “game-changer” we share from stage that’s FINALLY the “missing piece of the puzzle” to landing multiple dream clients… proactively.

Imagine receiving a clear direction on what you need to do to run your business efficiently, effectively, and fully energized. 

Imagine the proven strategies and systems you will receive that will end up giving you the highest ROI possible on opportunities for years to come. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Angelique, those are some hefty promises you’re making… but how do I know it’ll work for me?”

The reason I KNOW it’ll work for you and your business is because it’s already worked for thousands of other experts from across the globe who’ve leveraged BoldHaus’ proven systems for nearly 16 years!

I’ll Shoot Straight And Just Say It –

“Attending BoldHaus Groove Is The Single FASTEST WAY To Achieve A Thriving Business... Now and For the Long Run!”

Of Course, There’s
The Other Option…

The option where you could do it all alone…

But you and I both know this option stinks.

Plus, it can often lead to costly and unnecessary mistakes because you have no one there to give you a clear direction.

And with all the chaos happening around us…

Can you really afford to waste years of time and unnecessary mistakes?

Save yourself the grief of “figuring it out” all by yourself…

The headache and stress of not getting the results you want…

…join us at GROOVE 2024.

You’ll learn the best strategies and systems that will turn decades into days.

And you’ll learn to avoid the mistakes others have already made… so you don’t have to.

When You Attend… You’ll Discover How You Can Achieve:


Clients Coming Into Your Business Each Year


Revenue When You First Win A New Corporate client.


Revenue Over The Lifetime Of Each Of Your clients.client.


Positive Impact That Ripples Outward For years.client.

Here’s Why BoldHaus is the Go-To Home for Small Business Owners and Self-Employed Experts Who Want to Gain Momentum & Land Top-Tier Clients…

Record-Setting Business Growth!

Why BoldHaus, Why RIGHT NOW!

Why Attends Come Back Again & Again!

Why Groove is a MUST Attend!

Who is This Conference For?

Groove is Designed for Both Self-Employed Experts and Small & Diverse Business Owners, Including…


NOV. 11 – 14, 2024

Choose Your Experience:

General Admission

Full Price:


Super Early Bird Price:


(YOU SAVE: $900!)

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(YOU SAVE: $900!)

VIP Experinece

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(YOU SAVE: $1,500!)

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(YOU SAVE: $1,500!)

Premier Access

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(YOU SAVE: $1800!)

Full Price:


Super Early Bird Price:


(YOU SAVE: $1800!)

Hurry! Super Early Bird Pricing Ends April 5 @ 5PM ET


What Our Previous Attendees Have to Say About…


How Groove Helped Her Grow 27%!

Where They’d Be Today Without BoldHaus!

The Premier BoldHaus Community!

The World-Class BoldHaus Faculty!



Groove 2024 is an in-person only conference. Join us in Fort Lauderdale for 3.5 amazing days!

11 November 2024

12 November 2024

13 November 2024

14 November 2024

We Sell Out Fast!

Not to brag but… we sell out early EVERY year. 

That means if you plan on attending this year, then you need to act NOW. 

Our walls are not expandable… and we already have secured the largest ballroom on property at the gorgeous space we have acquired in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Bottom line: we’re LIMITED when it comes to seating… and we have a cap on how many tickets we can sell. So, before you leave here today, make sure you reserve your seat!

Can’t wait to see you at
BoldHaus Groove 2024!!

Conference Location

BoldHaus Groove is taking place at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, an oceanfront property on Fort Lauderdale’s iconic beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m still employed? Or just getting my consulting, coaching, or other expert-based business started?

Your timing is perfect! Instead of wasting years trying to figure out all the things that don’t work to win high-end clients and scale your business, you’ll have the proven strategies that can help you achieve results from the start!

This is the place to be! Instead of struggling to try and apply B2C strategies to the B2B market, you’ll get the proven strategies that can help you make the transition smoothly!

We’ve got you covered! A few weeks prior to Groove, you’ll receive a special link and unique code from us, so you can complete the assessment. It will only take you about 15 minutes. We’ll then process your results, which you’ll receive onsite at Groove!

In a word: YES! In fact, over the last 16 years, BoldHaus has worked with business owners and entrepreneurs in more than 72 countries. And to take that a step further: our BoldHaus small business clients are working with corporate clients and other types of organizations in more than 114+ countries worldwide.

Absolutely!! Groove is our most powerful live experience yet. And each year we update and evolve the content so we can share with our attendees the latest and greatest insights about what’s working in the marketplace right now.

Got More Questions?
Our Team Has
You Covered!

Schedule a Call Today and Get the Answers You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level with BoldHaus.


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Our expert team at BoldHaus is available for both TV and print interviews.

REFUND POLICY: Your commitment is essential to your business success. All registrations are final. There are no refunds or chargebacks for non-participation or cancellations for any reason. All event content and materials (including assessments and assessment results), as well as any registration bonuses that may be offered during a promotion, are reserved exclusively for those who attend live and will not be provided to those who do not attend. A signed media release is required for entry to the event. By completing your order, you agree to all Terms and Conditions associated with this purchase.

DISCLAIMER: Success takes work, and our clients put in the effort to overcome obstacles when they face them. Any testimonials, along with any financial figures referenced, represent our most exceptional clients. We do not verify the success stories shared with us by our clients, and take them at their word. We’re using these references for example purposes only. Understand these results are not typical, and we are not implying, representing, or guaranteeing that you will achieve the same or similar results… or produce any results at all for that matter. Your business is different so your results will be different. Each person’s success also depends on his, her, or their background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital, and there is no guarantee you will earn money. In fact, the average person who buys marketing, sales, or business building information gets little to no results. If you are not willing to accept that, please DO NOT work with us.

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